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Who are the best law firms for Dispute Resolution and Regulatory Defence in the area?

Are you looking for a firm that is going to provide you with top quality legal advice and support in the Beverley and East Riding of Yorkshire area?


We regularly receive enquiries from businesses involved in disputes or being investigated by regulators that are looking for a firm to guide them through the process and provide them with the right legal advice at what can be a stressful time.


Whilst we always relish the opportunity to work with existing and new clients, particularly those to whom we have been recommended, we cannot take on every case. This is because we pride ourselves on our exceptional levels of care and attention for the clients we work with. If we were to spread ourselves across too many cases, there is a risk that those levels of service would be diluted. We are not prepared to compromise on that.


So, if we cannot help you with your case, who are the best law firms for dispute resolution and regulatory defence in the area?


There are lots of ways to measure who are the best law firms in the area. Client testimonials and Google reviews are a good place to start. Each firm on this list has a minimum 4-star average rating on Google reviews.


Each of the five firms is listed, in no particular order, with information from their own website as well as details of which areas each firm says they cover.


Gosschalks LLP


Gosschalks describes itself as a “commercially focused law firm based in a purpose-built office in the heart of Hull”.


“Our [ litigation ] team is highly regarded for our wide-ranging expertise and understanding approach. We act on behalf of local, national and international clients in relation to a broad scope of commercial disputes”.


Gosschalks lists Housing Litigation, Intellectual Property and Electricity Wayleaves amongst the work that its litigation team covers.


Wilkin Chapman LLP


Wilkin Chapman describes itself as “the largest law firm in Lincolnshire & East Yorkshire with an unrivalled breadth and depth of expertise and experience”.


“From disagreements over a garden boundary to substandard work from a tradesperson, or a challenge to a Will – we have the expertise unpick the situation, however complex”.


Wilkin Chapman lists restrictive covenant disputes, misuse of confidential information and contract disputes amongst the work that its dispute team undertakes.


Andrew Jackson LLP


Andrew Jackson describes itself as providing “legal services tailored to you, your business and your family”.


“Resolving disputes and recovering debt in business can involve reasoned discussion, negotiated settlement or hard, bold and firm litigation. Let us help you identify the most effective approach for you”.


Andrew Jackson covers any aspect of commercial litigation, dispute resolution and debt recovery.


Rollits LLP


Rollits say, “focus, vision, insight, and investing in the future is at the heart of everything we do”.


“Whatever the type of commercial dispute you are experiencing, our specialist solicitors are here to deliver proficient advice and practical guidance to navigate through disruptive situations like these”.


Rollits lists property disputes, breach of contract and product liability amongst the work that its dispute team covers.


Bridge McFarland LLP


Bridge McFarland say “our solicitors are recognised for their strength and depth across many legal disciplines and are committed to delivering a quality driven service designed to meet the needs of each and every client”.


“We will help you to resolve and settle disputes wherever possible, including by alternative dispute resolution. But when litigation can’t be avoided, we are also formidable and successful litigators”.


Bridge McFarland lists commercial contract disputes, property disputes and trusts and probate disputes amongst the work that its dispute solicitors cover.

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