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The Sewell Family Business

Depicted here is Gordon Sewell (senior) who was one of 10+ children to Robert Sewell and an Irish Protestant lady called Edith. Robert or Bob, as he was known, was a true barrow boy plying his trade at the historic Humber Street fruit market. Bob and Edith also had Ron Sewell, who is the father of Paul Sewell, the successful entrepreneur and founder of the Sewell Group. Whilst it’s unclear what happened to the children and to this day, some of them are unknown, both Ron and Gordon followed in Bob’s foot steps as local fruiterers.

Sewell fruiterers was well known in Hull with shops dotted all over the City. This was down to a combination of hard work, offering only the best produce and service and above all, taking care of the customers…..and if that meant a 10 minute natter at the fruit shop then so be it.

Sewell Fruit_edited_edited.jpg
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