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Legal and Commercial Support 

Case Management

As a forward thinking law firm we embrace technology using advanced legal software by LEAP.  Winner of the Legalex 2021 Product of the Year, the case management software developed by LEAP enables Sewell Law to work efficiently, paperless and securely with remote access to the full spectrum of information and documents on each client matter. Utilising the client portal, the clients of Sewell Law are also able to log in to their unique portal through the website to securely view or provide documents and information relevant to their matter. LEAP is a strategic partner of the Law Society. 


Legal Resources

Solicitors are required to keep up to date with legal developments relating to their area of expertise and experience. This forms part of continuing professional development. We utilise an array of online resources including Westlaw UK which is used for accessing a comprehensive database of case law, legislation and legal commentary as well as the Practical Law Company, a useful tool for legal research. We also subscribe to Infolegal, an resource used to assist solicitors with regulatory compliance and governance. 

The Hull and Humber Chamber of Commerce


Sewell Law joined the Hull and Humber Chamber of Commerce in 2021, shortly after the practice opened for business.  The Chamber of Commerce boasts around 2,000+ members across the Humber region and its aim is to help members grow their business and the economy. The Chamber enables Sewell Law to keep abreast of the latest news and updates affecting the local and national economy. Within the Chamber, Sewell Law is also an active member of the Shipping and Transport Committee. 

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