About Us 

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On 11 March 2021, Sewell Law was officially authorised to provide legal services by the Solicitors Regulation Authority, and the practice opened for business a month later.

Starting a new legal practice in an already saturated market was probably a bold move during a global pandemic but that didn't stand in the way. Solicitor and founding Director, Gordon Sewell, reluctantly decided to use his surname as the name of the practice because basically, his options were limited. As every new business owner will know, choosing a brand name is difficult enough without having to scour the endless domain directories to find a website title. 


Over the past 15 years, Gordon has built a reputation in law epitomising honesty, care, commercial awareness, expertise, and hard work. These attributes have been the fabric of the Sewell family for generations and form the core values of Sewell Law. Born on Hessle Road, historically the epicentre of Hull’s fishing community, Gordon grew up in a culture where people called a ‘spade’ a ‘spade’. This decisive and plain speaking ethos is embedded in Sewell Law.

Legal Support

“We instructed Gordon to advise and represent Hull FC whilst he was employed at local Hull firm. We were so impressed with his skill set and ability to grasp complex legal issues, when he announced he was leaving the firm, we did not hesitate in inviting him to join the board of Directors, as Hull FC’s Legal Counsel, a role he continues to fulfil with competent vigor”.

Adam Pearson


Owner and Chairman, Hull FC