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Legal Support

On 11 March 2021, Sewell Law was officially authorised to provide legal services by the Solicitors Regulation Authority, and the practice opened for business a month later.

Sewell Law is a specialist legal practice in dispute resolution, also known as civil litigation, regulatory, drafting and advice.

The main office of Sewell Law is based in Beverley at the new Beverley Enterprise Centre. The centre is a modern, eco friendly, facility that is accessible with excellent road links and ample, on site, parking. 


Representing and advising businesses across Beverley, Hull, the East Riding and Yorkshire, Sewell Law also supports and assists businesses nationally including clients who are based in Suffolk, Merseyside and South Wales, to name but a few.    


With a significant amount of legal experience, the solicitors at Sewell Law are experts in a range of subject areas for example contract, land/property law, negligence, equitable remedies, statutory regulation and compliance. Further information on the areas of expertise can be found here or by clicking on the menu above.  

Sewell Law was founded by Gordon Sewell, a very experienced litigation solicitor. Gordon is a member of the Sewell family, a name that is known and recognised in the region for it's successful businesses in retail, construction, facilities management and historically, the fruit trade. 

In almost 20 years of legal experience, Gordon worked for several law firms ranging from a large commercial multi discipline practice, a general high street practice to a small niche firm focusing on shipping, transport and insurance. Utilising this broad experience to his advantage, in December 2020, Gordon made a decision to pioneer the way in which legal services were provided. This could not be achieved without the autonomy to succeed and four months later, Sewell Law was born.  

In July 2022, Jennifer, who is considered to be one the best regulatory lawyers in the region, joined the firm. Like Gordon, Jennifer is also highly skilled in civil litigation and as part of the firm's continued expansion, in January 2023, Sewell Law moved to a larger office within the Beverley Enterprise Centre. 


“We instructed Gordon to advise and represent Hull FC whilst he was employed at local Hull firm. We were so impressed with his skill set and ability to grasp complex legal issues, when he announced he was leaving the firm, we did not hesitate in inviting him to join the board of Directors, as Hull FC’s Legal Counsel, a role he continues to fulfil with competent vigor”.

Adam Pearson


Owner and Chairman, Hull FC

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