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We are not target driven on fees. Being transparent and competitive on cost without compromising the high standard of service is key to client satisfaction.

Transparent and competitive


At Sewell Law we believe that being transparent and competitive with legal fees without any comprise on the high standard of service provided is key to client satisfaction.

The Solicitors at Sewell Law do not have daily targets on the number of chargeable hours or fees. We will only charge what we consider to be reasonable and proportionate to the complexity of the matter and financial value. As such, we are flexible in our approach.

There are several ways in which a case can be funded.  We will discuss these options with you at the earliest opportunity. For example, legal expenses insurance, contingency fee arrangements (‘no win, no fee’) with or without a reduced hourly rate, legal expenses insurance and fixed or capped fees.   

All solicitors are legally required to be open about the fees they charge in relation to specific areas of legal practice. One of those areas is Debt Recovery.

Debt Recovery

Sewell Law can assist in the recovery of debts.

If the debt is less than £100,000 and is not disputed, excluding Court fees, we will charge £200 plus VAT. This fee will include:

• Taking your instructions,
• Considering the evidence,
• Providing advice,
• Sending a letter of claim,
• Preparing and issuing Court proceedings (in the absence of a response
from the debtor),
• Requesting Judgment, where necessary,
• Receiving payment and sending it to you.

All other work including communications with the debtor, settlement negotiations, repayment plans, and any enforcement action will be charged at an hourly rate of £100 plus VAT together with any expenses.

If Court proceedings become necessary, for claims of up to £10,000, the Court fee to issue proceedings ranges between £35 and £455, depending on the amount claimed. If the debt is more than £10,000, the court fee is 5% of the amount claimed. More information can be found at

If the debtor fails to pay what is owed following Judgment, subject to the value of the claim, we usually recommend instructing a High Court Enforcement Officer.

Claims usually take around 8 weeks to resolve if they are not subject to enforcement action. If the debt is disputed, we will advise you what to do next and the likely cost involved.

Discuss your requirements

Being accessible is important to us. If for any reason, we are unable to deal with your query or requirements immediately, we will respond as soon as possible.

Email or call +44 (0)1482 692 298

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