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What is a high quality legal service?

What is a high quality legal service?


As with most service industries, this is determined by whether the client or customer, as the case may be, has received a great experience. This does not necessarily mean being victorious in a legal dispute (although it helps), since a case can be lost on a point of law or fact without detracting from an exceptional level of service.


Here is a list of attributes which we consider to be components of high quality legal service;


1.  Expertise. A solicitor should have knowledge of the area in relation to which they are advising.


2.  Experience. Practical experience of the area of law in relation to which the solicitor is advising is a must.

3.  The provision of legal advice that is correct. This is a bare minimum. After all, it is the reason why the client has instructed a particular solicitor in the first place.


4.  Accessibility. A client should have direct contact with the solicitor dealing with their case. We know it is a source of frustration to clients when they try to contact their solicitor and the solicitor is slow to answer emails or calls. It is disappointing to hear that clients of other firms are sometimes passed through to someone who knows nothing about their case whilst they are waiting for their solicitor to call them back.


5.  Information and updates. Regular updates should be provided and explained to clients in simple, easy to understand English. Information and documentation received in the course of a case should be forwarded to the client as soon as practicable.

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