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Why Sewell Law?

High standards of service should be the norm within the profession, in fact, the regulations that govern the work of a solicitor (the solicitors code of conduct) are designed to ensure that those standards are achieved.  




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With almost four decades of experience, the solicitors at Sewell Law are known for "going the extra mile". We pride ourselves on raising the bar in the provision of legal services and constantly looking for ways that we can continue to provide a truly exceptional experience for our clients. When a business instructs Sewell Law for the first time, whether it is a sole trader, an SME or a large organisation, Sewell Law quickly becomes the "go to" law firm for that business. As a result, our client retention rate is very high. We are often told that we are not like other lawyers and we celebrate that. If a business or individual receives the level of care, commitment and support that we provide from another firm, we are pleased. This is because the culture at Sewell Law is entirely client focussed. We care about you, your needs and your aims. 

The culture at Sewell Law is integral to everything we do and, as with any organisation, it begins and ends with the people in the firm. If you contact Sewell Law with a quick query or you become a client of the firm, you will soon realise that we are not stuffy, but we are very approachable; that we are not evasive or difficult to get hold of, but we are very accessible; that we are not vague about costs, but we are very transparent; that we are not indecisive, but we are very clear with our advice; that we are not all about us, but we are all about you. 

These are just some of the reasons that we enjoy strong business relationships with long standing clients. The testimonials below from clients of Sewell Law are just a snapshot of the feedback that we receive. 

"Excellent, caring and professional"


"Sewell Law went above and beyond to ensure that our situation was resolved successfully"

"A truly exceptional level of service was provided"

"100% commitment"

"The communication was great and very collaborative" which is what we wanted"


"Simply put, the best service we have received from a law firm and we have worked with many"

"The service was prompt and gave us confidence that everything was in order"

"Sewell Law have been an invaluable support to our company since we began trading 12 months ago.....a wealth of knowledge...…ability to explain complex issues in a language that is clear without jargon....we never worry about picking up the phone to ask for advice."

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