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Legal Services and Fees Explained

A good law firm should not avoid difficult questions about legal fees or the services they provide. A great law firm will tackle these questions head on so let's uncover the elephant in the room! 

Here are a series of questions and answers which will assist your understanding of how legal services are delivered. If there is anything we have not covered here, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

What are you actually paying for?

2.   How do solicitors charge for their services?

3.   Are lawyers expensive? 

4.   What factors can affect legal costs in a dispute or matter?

5.   Quotes, estimates and the curse of surprise invoices?

6.   What is a high quality legal service? 

7.   Who are the best law firms for dispute resolution and regulatory in the area?

8.   Litigation risk and what are the risks of litigation? 

9.   What if something goes wrong and how are solicitors regulated? 

10. Things you might not know about solicitors, law firms and the legal profession. 


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