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Welcome Serena

We are delighted to announce that Serena Collins has joined Sewell Law as a Business Administrator.

Serena Collins profile picture.

We have a slightly unorthodox approach when it comes to recruitment because we place culture at the top of our list. The byproduct of a great

culture within the firm is exceptional client service and relationships.

Our focus is on the character and personal attributes of the applicant, which is why, during the process, we do not ask for or look at any CV’s until we reach the final interview.

At Sewell Law there is no “upstairs-downstairs”, we do not operate a “them and us” culture, Sewell Law is about “we, us and our” and that includes anyone who joins the team.

When we look to recruit, we take particular interest in those who have a strong appetite and desire to grow and develop both personally and professionally and we fully embrace that.

We want our clients to flourish is their business whatever that may be, so why wouldn’t we want the members of our team to flourish too?

When Serena was leaving the building following the Group Interview she said “I have never done a group interview like that before, I was really nervous, but I am glad I did it”. Unbeknown to Serena at the time, this small comment was a big statement about the type of person she is. She was prepared to put herself through some

thing that was new and unknown to her and she recognised the benefits and experience from the situation. In other words, that comment told us that Serena had a growth mindset. We knew she would have a hunger to learn, develop and excel which is aligned with the culture and the approach of our fantastic clients.

Serena is local to the area. She studied with the Hull City Council where she gained an NVQ Level 2 in Business and Administration. After a period of employment with Hull City Council, she joined Hull Super League Limited (“Hull FC”) as an Accounts Assistant.

Serena has a down to earth, personable and friendly nature who likes to challenge herself and is already proving herself to be an invaluable member of the team at Sewell Law.

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